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Kingfisher Animal Boarding, formerly known as DJ's Animal Boarding, offers a complete animal boarding service. Following a change in ownership in 2019, the new owners of the business are passionate about creating a stress-free, friendly and fun environment so that time with us is like a holiday for each and every animal. We are committed to ensuring that all of our visitors are stimulated, exercised, well fed and very carefully looked after. We are continually investing into facility improvements, training and new enrichment ideas to ensure that our guests’ stay is safe and enjoyable. As animal owners ourselves, we understand that every animal is a not just a number, but a valued member of your family who deserves care and attention at all times.

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License No. 19/00490/ANBOAR

Mrs Lisa Fisher and Mr Duncan Fisher



Business Update

As restrictions have eased, we are pleased to announce that we are once again open for business. In addition to overnight boarding, we now offer day boarding. Whilst overnight boarding prices can be found below, day boarding prices are dependent on hours and frequency, so please enquire for further details should you be interested in this option.

In order to protect our customers, guests and staff, in addition to our existing (and ongoing) Level 3 Kennel and Cattery Management qualifications, we have completed a number of training courses such as the Disease Controls for Pet Professionals (Pet Industry Federation). 

In addition, we have implemented a number of control measures that we kindly ask visitors observe at all times:

  • Time slots of 30 minutes are now allocated to drop off/collect your pet.

  • On arrival please leave your pet in your vehicle and make your way to our office to complete paperwork / payment.

  • We are unable to accept cash at this present time, so please be prepared to pay by other means.

  • Please use the hand sanitizer stations located onsite by the front door and office desk.

  • A member of our team will discuss your preferred method to collect your pet from you to ensure that social distancing and proper hygiene measures are observed at all times.

  • Please inform us before arrival if your pet is arriving from a Coronavirus infected household. They are more than welcome and will be housed in an isolation unit for three days to ensure no virus retains on your pet. If appropriate your dog may be bathed - we will discuss this with you on a 1.1 basis.

  • As always, please ensure to review the Vaccinations section below to ensure that your pet's vaccination status complies with regulatory rules before visiting.

Rest assured, whilst this seems like a lot of rules, we continue to engage with all our guests just as normal to ensure that every stay is both enjoyable and relaxing! Please do not hesitate to get in touch using our contact details or website form (both found below) if you have any further questions.



Put Your Pets First

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Licking Cat
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The Best for Your Pet

There are 2 kennel blocks, which can accommodate up to 31 dogs. All the kennels have their own outside runs and
are individually heated. The dogs are regularly walked on lead around our beautiful and extensive grounds. We
stock a variety of food options suitable for a range of dog breeds and sizes.


A Stress-Free Experience

We have a small cattery unit with 6 runs which can cater for up to 12 cats. All the runs have their own inside, heated cabin and an outside play area. We provide comfy bedding and a variety of enrichment items such as scratching posts and toys to break up the day. We take every measure to ensure that cats can enjoy a calm, stress-free and engaging stay.


Plenty of Love and Attention

Our dedicated small animal section provides a safe place for small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs to come and stay but still enjoy the freedom of their own run. We can also cater for birds, and are happy to try and accommodate any other unusual pets.

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Vaccination Requirements

Ensuring A Safe Place for Our Furry Friends

As the health and safety of all our guests is of paramount importance, it is important that all of our guests are vaccinated well in advance of their visit. We also require that you advise us of any long-standing and current health issues when registering your pet. We are more than happy to administer any medicine or specialist diet that your pet has been prescribed, please ensure provide a sufficient supply to last the duration of your pets stay.


- We require all dogs to be fully vaccinated, including kennel cough. Please note that kennel cough vaccinations are not typically included in the core annual vaccinations given by vets, so should be requested specifically if you think you are considering a stay in the kennels for your dog(s).

 - New Vaccinations: will need to have been administered at least 4 weeks before boarding.

- New Kennel Cough Vaccinations: to be administered at least 2 weeks before boarding.

 - Vaccination Annual Boosters: to be administered within 12 months of previously completed vaccinations, and administered at least 2 weeks before boarding.

- Kennel Cough Annual Boosters: must be administered at least 4 days before boarding.

- Dogs Must Arrive Wearing Collars with the name and address of the owner on it or on a tag attached to it.


- We require all cats to be fully vaccinated, flea and wormed.

 - New Vaccinations: will need to have been administered at least 4 weeks before boarding.

- Vaccination Annual Boosters: to be administered within 12 months of previously completed vaccinations, and administered at least 15 days before boarding.

- Proof of vaccinations, and the last flea and worm treatment dates will be required when dropping off your pet.


- We request that rabbits are vaccinated against Myxomatosis, Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (R(V)HD) and the new form of (R(V)HD)2.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

- We Recommend that all rabbits and guinea pigs are treated with a “Spot-on” product, such as Rear Guard, to reduce the risk of fly strike and that all small mammals be treated with a suitable product to control fleas, ticks, lice and mites prior to boarding with us


We understand that this has been a challenging time and that things have not been operating as normal. As such, many pets will have lapsed or delayed vaccinations. To ensure that we operate within the rules of the law and do not risk our license, it is necessary for us to have written confirmation from a vet for each animal that has had an extension to their booster vaccination. Unfortunately, if no written letter is received you will be turned away.

Please note, any pet found to not have the correct vaccinations on arrival will be turned away, this is a license rule set by the IW Council. If your pet is found to have fleas or worms this may incur an extra cost for bathing and vet care.

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Cost per day

Small Dog - £17.50

Medium Dog - £18.50

Large Dog - £19.50

Cat - £10.00

Small Mammal - £3.00

Medium Mammal - £5.00

Small Bird / Poultry - £3.00

Large Parrot - £5.00

- 10% discount for second dog if sharing.
- 50% discount for second cat if sharing.
- All prices include food, bedding, heating etc.
- Minimum charge is for two days.

We also offer an animal collection and
drop-off transport service!

Dogs - £15.00 per trip
Cats - £10.00 per trip


Opening Times

Come and Play

Monday            9:00 - 12:00          3:00 - 5:30
Tuesday            9:00 - 12:00          3:00 - 5:30

Wednesday      9:00 - 12:00 
Thursday           9:00 - 12:00         3:00 - 5:30
Friday                9:00 - 12:00         3:00 - 5:30
Saturday            9:00 - 12:00         3:00 - 5:30
Sunday              9:00 - 12:00

We are open Sunday Hours on Bank Holidays.

We are closed for drop off and collection on Dec 25th, 26th, Jan 1st and Easter Sunday.

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Get in touch to find out more about our services or to schedule a tour.

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